Tuesday May 16, 2017
To: All Kendo players in Ontario;
On Saturday July 15, Kendo Ontario will hold a shimpan seminar in preparation for the Canadian Kendo Federation National Championships in August. The seminar will be run by S. Kimura Sensei, 7 Dan. All players 4 Dan and up are invited to participate. This seminar is important for all those who attend, as well as judge kendo tournaments. In addition, we would also like to invite anyone who is participating in the National Championships to come and practice their shiai skills. Please see details below:
Date & Time: Saturday July 15, 2017
12:30 ~ 5:00 pm with Godokeiko

Location: University of Toronto Upper Gym

Cost: A seminar fee of $ 10 per shimpan participant to support Kendo Ontario is requested.

Requirements: 1. All participants should be in good standing and regular members of their respective dojos and Kendo Ontario.
2. All participants should read and bring their copy of the IKF booklet “The Regulations of Kendo Shiai and Shimpan as well as shimpan ki.

Please see attached seminar registration form. Registrations are to be received no later than Saturday July 8. Players attending the shiai or godokeiko do not have to register. Looking forward to seeing you there.
David Johnson
Kendo Ontario