To all Kendo Ontario Members

On Saturday September 9th, a General Meeting of Kendo Ontario was held at the University of Toronto and attended by over 23 members from 12 different kendo clubs. A general update and status of Kendo Ontario was presented as well as an election for a new Board of Directors and Executive. We would like to announce the result of this election as follows:

The new Board of Directors is;

  • Bryan Asa
  • Derek Barr
  • Tony Davidson
  • David Johnson
  • Mark Kawabe
  • Jan Mendoza
  • Paul Nakamura
  • Hideki Sumi
  • Lawrence Tsuji

In addition, the new Executive is as follows:

  • Bryan Asa – President
  • Mark Kawabe – Vice-President
  • Lawrence Tsuji – Secretary/Treasurer

We would like to congratulate the BOD and Executive members and encourage all kendo players across Ontario to give them their full support and help in developing kendo in Ontario.

On behalf of the previous Executive, myself, Hideki Sumi, Paul Nakamura and Mindy Choe, we would like to thank everyone who supported us over the years and we look forward to helping the new Executive of Kendo Ontario.

Best Regards

David Johnson
Past President
Kendo Ontario