Dear Kendo Community,

We hope everyone is enjoying the return of the various in-dojo Kendo activities and events.

Given such, we are hosting a Godo-Keiko on Sunday, September 18, 2022 to provide an opportunity for everyone to share keiko with Sensei and friends in the Kendo community.

Please see the details below and join us.

Event Details:

Event:               2022 Godo Keiko                   

Date:                 Sunday September 18, 2022

Time:                 10:15-12:00pm  (group photo, warm-up, and godo-keiko)

Location:          Victoria Ballet Academy, 7 Bradwick Drive
                            Concord ON, L4K 2T4 (NW of Highway 7 & Dufferin Ave)

Fee:                   $10 per household (to cover rental cost of facilities)

Covid                 All attendees must show proof of double vaccination
Protocol:          Masks to be worn at all times except when wearing ‘Men’
                           where mask or plastic ‘men’ shield is acceptable.


Thank you for the ongoing support,

Bryan Asa
Kendo Ontario