Here are the winners of the first Stratford Kendo Club Invitational Tournament.

Mudansha Division

  1. Collin Shinohara  Detroit Kendo Dojo
  2. James Chang   Forest City Kendo
  3. Rob Herbin  Forest City Kendo

Shodan-Nidan Division

  1. Mathew Ricci  Hamilton Kendo
  2. Keiji Ogita  Detroit Kendo Dojo
  3. Tim Han  Western Kendo

Women’s Division

  1. Kathy La   Mississauga Kendo Club
  2. Francesca Ho  JCCC Kendo
  3. Joanna Asare    JCCC Kendo

Team Division

  1. Western University
  2. Mississauga Kendo Club
  3. Detroit Kendo Club

Thank you to all who participated as well as to the many shinpan and Team Canada members who came out to support this inaugural tournament!